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Jessica and Andrew’s travel journal

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rocks rock….

Posted by Andrew in USA, utah, Idaho, South Dakota, wyoming (September 22, 2006 at 3:52 am)

CIMG3832 j and a moonlight.jpg pic at left–thats the moon, not the sun—i promise. Its dark out there….

For those who dont know, from utah to wyoming to south dakota, this nation is more or less one big stone. some photographic highlights:

-Arches had probably the coolest hike the devils playground or some name like that.
CIMG3478 j and cairn.jpg
-bryce canyon—ill:

-capital reef, some petroglyphs(ancient grafitti, lets lock those cavemen up!:

-zion, where we hiked through a river for a while with walking sticks:

-the grand tetons–much love to sheel and coleen who are about to get married:
CIMG3462 tetons.jpgCIMG3465 rainbow forest valley.jpgCIMG3483 a out on rock close.jpgCIMG3493 scraggle and mountain.jpg

-a way too short visit to yellowstone–videos of really hot spring mud geyser type things:
CIMG3540 old man at guyser.jpgCIMG3638 half and half colors.jpgCIMG3646 landscape of color.jpg
CIMG3740 lochness.jpg

click here to see jessicas take on the geysers

devils tower(prarie dogs represent!)

CIMG3970 emerging mtns.jpgCIMG3878 a standing w buffalo.jpg

were in philly now, all the way east…. much more backlog of thousands of photos to come, including the Navajo market in New Mexico where we discovered divine intervention, balance, and got to eat some frybread.

oh yeah, and heres an article I wrote about tampa bay people at burning man:

On a side note–some of you may have read articles i wrote for the New Standard news over the past couple of years. They are a great, non-profit, un censored, hard news publication, but they are having a lot of financial trouble right now. If you are rich or close or if you like to donate to good causes, you should check out their website and maybe choose to support them in this time of need. They pay me for my work, so in some ways you are putting food in my mouth(ignore that if the image doesnt work for you)

ps. nyc heads–holla!!! Well be in town by saturday…

2 Responses to “rocks rock….”

  1. QOTFW Says:

    Ola Pestosos,

    Me gusto la video con los geysers. Muchisimas grasias por las cuentas y los photos de sus viajes. 15 dias hasta Amsterdam! Tener quidado que no rompe sus dientes en nueva york :]

  2. markeltz Says:

    andrew- you’re getting better looking with every year. - mark eltz

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