between the lands

Jessica and Andrew’s travel journal

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Posted by Jessica in ITALY (October 31, 2006 at 8:10 pm)

CIMG5812 noel.jpg
We’ve been in Italy for 1 week, now and we have been stuffing ourselves silly!
CIMG5709 lunch on the rocks.jpgCIMG5838 horse store.jpg

We started in the Cinque Terre, and then moved on to Florence (Firenze) where our friend Christina had been lent a spacious and comfortable apartment by her friend Banditto. It was us, Christina, and Signor Paolo, the gracious occupant of the apartment.
CIMG5797 christina and j.jpgCIMG0254 j chris old man close.jpg

Since we did not have to rent a room, we felt somewhat free to eat the amazing food available in the restaurants of Florence. Pizza, lasagne, pasta bolognese, grilled chicken, steak florentine you name it! And of course, the wines are wonderful. One goal has been to eat gelatto every day, and for the most part, we have been successful. Florence is a beautiful city, with many gorgeous plazas, churches, sculptures, and even just really pretty details on the buildings.
CIMG0249 duoma front.jpg CIMG5748 j a christina and duomo.jpgCIMG5818 arches and horse.jpgCIMG0298 dante.jpgCIMG5768 j a and church.jpgCIMG5769 reflection in river.jpg

Then, we moved on to Turin (Torino). Here we have friends that Andrew knows from his J-School days in Bolivia. Manuela and Fabio have introduced us to the wonder that is aperitivo of Turin. It\’s like Spanish tapas: you go to the pub, buy some drinks or a bottle of wine, and help yourself to a generous spread of delightful italian snacks. You eat as much as you want, or until they run out. It is good to arrive early! ***APERITIVO PICS UNAVAILABLE–CENSORED ON ACCOUNT OF GLUTTONY***
CIMG0303 frying cheese.jpgCIMG0306 a and manuela eating.jpg

Then we went to the Big Eating Event: the combined conferences of the Salone del Gusto and Terra Madre.
ANDREW SEZ: well have pics on the food festival later, but it basically it was like the UN of food. Farmers and food producers from 120 countries, meeting(and offering free samples) to discuss the obstacles to their growing and producing it themselves. one of the major issues facing some of the attendees is that they cant sell unpasteurized milk and cheese to the US and many european nations, even thought theyve been making it for thousands of years.

We checked out the museum of the history of cinema today, a really cool experience in a great old building(actualy a synagogue that was never finished)CIMG5857 flim museum and night.jpg
***the lights along the side are numbers–its the fibonacci sequence for all you math nerds

we spent some time this morning being interviewed on radio blackout, a long running community radio station where kilia and elettrico are volunteers. well get some pics up soon, but we just wanted to give a shout out before we head up to paris…see yall on the banks of the seine..