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barcelona–(almost) time to rest for a while

Posted by Jessica in JORDAN, SPAIN (December 2, 2006 at 9:35 am)

CIMG0764 plane facing mecca eng.jpg

Flying out of Jordan, they always let you know what direction to face Mecca. Just in case… I’m gonna miss the call to prayer, even at 5am.

It seems like sooo long ago we decided to “go to Spain”, and then we did everything but. Finally we are here. Sort of – Catalunya is almost like a different country. But officially, it’s Spain. Barcelona is a gorgeous city. There are architectural wonders everywhere.

CIMG7596 corner engraving.jpgCIMG7869 top 2 floors of weird building.jpgCIMG7880 4 terraces.jpg

My absolute favorite is the Gaudi cathedral Sagrada Familia.
CIMG7767 sagrada from front.jpgCIMG7664 sagrada from distance.jpgDepending on who you ask, it won’t be finished for another 15, 30, or 50 years, but it’s well worth a visit finished or not. I can’t believe this Gaudi guy was designing these things 100 years ago.
CIMG7777 3 flowers.jpgCIMG7774 arch.jpgCIMG7787 nativity front.jpg

We also visited the Park Guell, originally designed by Gaudi to be a village for Barcelona’s rich folk. CIMG7682 front of guell.jpgIt never panned out as a development, thank goodness, and now people can chill there anytime, soaking in the crazy rooftops and walking along the organic shapes of the “viaducts”. I think Dr Seuss must have been inspired by this place.
CIMG7687 j and candyhouse.jpgCIMG7744 columns with plants.jpgCIMG7719 arches of rock columns.jpgCIMG0786 pillars and castle.jpgCIMG0796 pigeons and aloe.jpg

We’re staying with Ms Kassandra, her 5-yr old son Aidan, and Ms Guilia. It’s a great view from the (almost) top floor – we can see the giant castle on top of Mt Tibidabo. Aidan says there is a monster inside, and I hope I don’t have to find out if he’s right.
CIMG7650 kassandras terrace.jpg

Yesterday was our big day – we were responsible for picking Aidan up from school, and getting him fed, bathed, and ready for bed in time for his mama to get home from work. This boy can run you ragged, let me tell you! He’s very considerate too – when he comes into the living room in the mornings (where Andrew & I are sleeping), he whispers while playing with his toys, just so we won’t be woken up. Nice try, kiddo. Clearly it’s time to get up.
CIMG7925 j and aiden.jpg

Tonight we will hop on an overnight train for the 12-hour ride to Granada. Andrew’s classes start on Monday.

I am looking forward to classes, just maybe not the early am wakeup. Im making a public pledge here to do a blog post en espanol eventually.

Barcelona was really cool, with art everywhere, old skinny streets, and plazas with benches for chilling on, which I especially appreciate.
CIMG7581 dog cone graffitti.jpgCIMG0768 a climbing lion.jpgCIMG7630 backwards graffitti.jpgCIMG7894 j on bench.jpgCIMG7931 moon and flame.jpg

Extra props to Sarah for putting us up in Paris upon our return. Meanwhile, my radio story about building the radio station in the south of Jordan was on air Friday.
You can listen to it here its the last piece of the show..

Well see you all in the south of Spain…
CIMG7818 sky fruit and steeples.jpgCIMG7828 j and a on bridge.jpg

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