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Jubrique - Jewel of the Sierra Nevada1

Posted by Jessica in SPAIN (December 19, 2006 at 8:10 pm)

(Jubrique is the swath of houses in the picture on the right side below:)
big rock on the road to jubriqueWelcome To JubriqueCIMG8121-pueblodistance.jpg
After our first week in Granada (more on that later), we headed right away to Jubrique to see my grrrls in da pueblo. We had to take the train as far as it would go, and then Finilla came to pick us up. (There’s no train station in Jubrique.) While we waited, this little bugger came by to say hello!

But there ARE sheep, even cute fuzzy baby ones - just look!

As I said, my friend Finilla came to pick us up, and she and her girl Marina put us up in Jubriqueno style. We hung out in Fini’s bar “Bajo el Arbol” Friday & Saturday nights, and wandered around the narrow spanish streets in the day. Tranquilo, Cabron!

One night there was some music and singing coming from the square. We scampered down to see what was going on. Click here for a movie showing what we found, plus some panoramic shots of Jubrique and some of the ambiance in my friend’s pub :

Jubrique is a tiny pueblo that goes back centuries. It was there when the Moors spread north into the Iberian peninsula. It was there when the Catholic King & Queen Isabel & Ferdinand kicked everybody else out and bankrolled the Inquisition. And it’s still there now. The church in the center of town has also been a mosque. Cars and horses use the same streets.

The architectural style has been maintained as a cultural heritage. There are some really cute little corners in this town. There is a small hotel and some casitas for rent from time to time. Or you can stay in a rustic cabin just outside of town. That is, if you’re ready to UNWIND…

As for the exotic animals, we did come across several kittens and some peacocks. OK, the peacocks were on the road back to the train station, not in Jubrique proper. They reminded me of my place back in Tampa.

That’s pretty much the story. We’ll be going back again during this 4-month stint. And hopefully my friends will come to visit us in Granada. We’ve got a guest room, so come on down y’all!! I apologize for the lateness of this update, AND for the lack of Granada info at this date. We have been here for just over 2 weeks now, and there’s been some drama. But things are settling down now, and as soon as I get the pics ready for you, you’ll be seeing the Albaycin, some really cool street art, and maybe even some live music… Ole!

PS - Andrew’s classes are going very well and he is starting to talk trash in spanish, better every day!

Si, yo aprendo poca a poco…

School is great, as are the free Tapas in Granada. Stay tuned for more!

…and in other news, click on these two links for an article and segments of an interview I did a few weeks ago, which has been published in the Creative Loafing weekly paper in Tampa. Its with Sameeh Hammoudeh, who was accused of aiding a Palestinian terrorist group, but was found not guilty on all charges after 3 years in jail.