between the lands

Jessica and Andrew’s travel journal

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the duende of Granada4

Posted by Andrew in SPAIN (December 28, 2006 at 8:00 pm)

CIMG8042 granada sign.jpgCIMG8328 j on glowing sidewalk.jpg
alright now..enough stalling…the people want to know about our new (temporary) home. Weve been here in Granada, in the south of Spain for more than 3 weeks. We still havent been inside the Alhambra, although you can see it from all over town.
CIMG8445 alhambra at night from side.jpgCIMG8412 alhanbra behind buildings.jpg

Granada is a very old town. It was once ruled by the romans, and then for more than 700 years the arabs ran the show, before the Christians kindly asked everyone to leave around 1492.
CIMG0846 church entrance.jpgCIMG1020 big old church maybe.jpgCIMG8357 people overlooking granada.jpgCIMG8359 view of city center.jpgCIMG8464 street with 2 ladies bright.jpgCIMG1128 a in front of church doors.jpgCIMG8472 lady on dim street.jpgCIMG8289 old convent wall.jpgCIMG8090 arch and dusk sky.jpg

There is a really cool old neighborhood called the Albaicin, with winding narrow streets going up a hill towards the Alhambra.
CIMG8078 bench and arch shadows.jpgCIMG8347 street witth plants.jpgCIMG8428 up white alley.jpgCIMG8066 albicyn street up high.jpgCIMG0886 kid on bike in albycin.jpg

There is also an abundance of grafitti:
CIMG8001 graf on mouth eating box.jpgCIMG8000 monkey graf with j.jpgCIMG7997 graf corner with cycle.jpgCIMG1001 graf of guys head.jpgCIMG1019 graf giraffe.jpgCIMG8311 graf arab man.jpgCIMG8342 graf man and real tree.jpgCIMG1039 graf of head and snail.jpgCIMG1112 a and graf kitty.jpgCIMG8363 graf man sittin on steps.jpgCIMG8300 graf rock on.jpgCIMG8295 graf haciendo.jpgCIMG8076 j scratching graf cats chin.jpgCIMG0881 door with stencil.jpgCIMG0865 hipoteca y discoteca.jpg

For our first week, we lived with a sweet lady named Delores (Lola for short).
CIMG0991 j and lola.jpg

Then for the past few weeks, we lived in a big old restored hotel with other students learning spanish. On Christmas day, we all made traditional dishes from our countries. Food from Holland, Sweden, Japan, England, Puerto Rico, China, and liquid contributions from Brazil and Germany, and Bangladesh made for a great belly stuffing evening.
CIMG8485 line of cookers.jpgCIMG8480 j with christmas chickens.jpg

This week, we moved into an apartment at the end of this street, further down than you can see in this picture.
CIMG8497 buen sucesso and with people.jpg

Christmas eve was Jessicas compleano, and we stumbled upon a Christmas singalong in one of the few cafeterias which was open that day. The audio recordings may appear in a future post. Speaking of music, This part of Spain is the home of Flamenco. Weve seen several flamenco shows already.

Click here to watch a movie featuring some flamenco dancing, views of the alhambra, and other various scenes from Granada.

The food here is also very good. LOTS OF PIG!(and cow). And they use it all..believe dat…
CIMG1146 parts of pig.jpgCIMG1145 parts of cow.jpg

The tapas are also free with every drink(even soda)–you will more from us soon about this gastronomical tradition that is really only still going in Granada.
CIMG8462 graf of woman cooking.jpg
For New Years, were headed for Cordoba, another old former Muslim city. We’ll have more pics of Granda next month. Happy New Year to all!
CIMG8379 calle beso.jpg
Oh yeah..Spanish classes continue. Cada dia, yo hablo mejor. Pero a veces, yo no comprendo mucho, por que los Andaluces hablan muy rapido. Algun dia…