between the lands

Jessica and Andrew’s travel journal

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Fallas = Fires = “fie-yahs”1

Posted by Jessica in SPAIN (April 10, 2007 at 9:19 am)

CIMG1977 corners of a and js faces.jpg

Never in my life have I seen so many LITTLE KIDS running around UNSUPERVISED with fireworks and matches. OK, sometimes there was an adult present, but they were just there to re-light fuses with a cigarette if the little ones ran into trouble.
CIMG1925 fallera lighting.jpgCIMG1931 fallera and bro in front of moon.jpgCIMG0506 burning mattress.jpg

Every year the beautiful Spanish city of Valencia transforms from a medieval gem of twisting streets into a seething, exploding firepit, with INCREDIBLE fireworks (official & street level), along with giant whimsical sculptures in the streets which are later BURNED to the ground in close proximity to houses, electric supply wires, and treetops.
CIMG1959 result of fire.jpg

And they feed this with giant pans of paella cooked in the streets. It is wild!
CIMG1677 making paella.jpg
Las Fallas is a Catholic holiday, but we never figured out exactly how. We did see the giant figure of the Virgen in the main square.
CIMG1848 virgin plaza at night.jpgCIMG1989 a with virgin.jpgCIMG1733 virgen half full of flowers.jpg

She started out a bit barren, but by the end of the week was completely decked out in flowers, (you could smell them across the square!), all hand-delivered by local Valencian@s who had carried them on foot across the whole city decked out in medieval get-up and very uncomfy-looking shoes.
CIMG1823 fallera puffing cig.jpgCIMG1815 muchas falleras con strollers.jpgCIMG1812 3 falleros juntos dos.jpgCIMG1801 5 valencianas.jpg

Each group had their own marching band. But where do the public burnings fit in…?
CIMG1956 burning car on pole.jpgCIMG1929 sun and moon burning.jpg
The “Fallas?? are the giant sculptures they work on all year, just to BURN them down in a storm of FIREWORKS and GASOLINE on the night of March 19. They range from a few feet tall to several stories. They are usually ironic, and have little placards explaining the joke. Too bad we couldn’t read them in Valenciano, a northeastern dialect of Spanish.
CIMG1571 cubic hair closeup.jpgCIMG1768 j with flower falla.jpgCIMG1833 backpacker ninot.jpgCIMG1908 dwarf head ninot.jpgCIMG1943 big troll falla.jpgCIMG1946 3 ghosts.jpgCIMG0480 peeing ninot.jpgCIMG1795 tower and frogfalla.jpgCIMG1781 teta falla.jpgCIMG0439 lady driver falla.jpgCIMG1767 mj falla close up.jpgCIMG1759 falls with roooster on top.jpgCIMG1750 pensioistas ninot.jpgCIMG1728 falla noahs ark.jpgCIMG0431 fairy of chaos falla.jpg

We also got to hang out with some Florida friends – Jessica Vaughn + Nilesh, and Mz Zoe + Txema. BIG THANKS to Txema for the use of his flat for a few more days after they went back to work! It was centrally located in the old part of town, which means there was a “quema?? – or street burning – a block away, AND we got to appreciate the 8am “despierta?? (alarm clock) – when lunatic Valencianos roam the streets with a marching band, dropping enormous bangers (fireworks) as they go. I miss you guys! XXXOOOXXXOOO
CIMG0405 neelish in aquarium.jpgCIMG0404 j vaughn in aquarium.jpgCIMG0328 zoe chemas eyes rolled.jpg

Jess, Nilesh, and I (Jessica) took a side trip to visit the Aquarium, located in the Ciudad de las Ciencias, a field of buildings that look like spaceships from the movie Alien.CIMG0414 artcityscape.jpg It was COOL, except for the seals, whales, dolphins, and walruses – they were in tight quarters and grunted that they would really rather be out at sea. But the starfish really didn’t give a crap.
CIMG0390 starfish closeup.jpgCIMG0392 crouching crab.jpg

Andrew finally got me out to a bullfight, or Corrido de Torros. Forget the romantic visions of a Man, a Bull, and the Spanish Sun… It’s 6 or 8 guys who taunt and tease the bull until it’s all tuckered out, and a 2 guys on armoured horses who stabs the bull really deep in the shoulders with a sharp pole. THEN the Matador AKA Mr Fancy-Pants finishes the bull off, sometimes quick and clean, other times messy, long and drawn-out, with the bull screaming. I didn’t like it so much. What’s so wrong with a quick, virtually painless death for food animals?
CIMG1598 fancy pants matador.jpgCIMG1665 bloody carcass.jpgCIMG1652 horse down!.jpgCIMG1603 bull1 wiff.jpgCIMG1595 bull1 getting the runaround.jpgCIMG1594 bull1 gets stuck.jpg

ANDREW SEZ: if the pictures haven’t done it for you, click here for a MOVIE I made (7 OR 8 MINUTES LONG) It features a bullfight, day and night time fireworks, a chaotic episode where people were throwing fireworks at police, and of course, the burning of some fallas. Enjoy and remember not to play with fire…unless everybody else is.
CIMG1783 old couple on balcony.jpg