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Jessica and Andrew’s travel journal

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SAHARA–west to east0

Posted by Andrew in EGYPT, MOROCCO (May 11, 2007 at 2:05 pm)

CIMG4888 bedouin with nargeelah.jpg

ok, so we are still seeing too much stuff to go through all our pictures. to our new portugese friends we promise to give you props soon… or else!!
CIMG3948 bone face.jpg

One hour before we take an all-night bus, a quick update and some hastily chosen shots.

first–the western Sahara..Morocco:
CIMG3752 j on camel side.jpgCIMG0355 desertscape.jpgCIMG0437 sunset with person.jpgCIMG0445 desert man with child.jpgCIMG3759 camel shadow.jpgCIMG3811 white cloud streaks.jpgCIMG3823 dawn dune split shadow.jpgCIMG3851 4 camels in distance1.jpgCIMG3945 2 hills and clouds.jpgCIMG4053 guide and camel follow.jpg

A couple nights livin berber style:
CIMG0422 a chills in hut.jpgCIMG0454 goats on camel.jpgCIMG3808 tents in sahara.jpgCIMG4014 j with sunset.jpgCIMG4029 2 sahara guys and camels.jpg

Then, here in Egypt, we spent a week in the white desert. it was a special environmental clean up, where volunteers pick up tourists trash from the past year.
CIMG4341 weird rock near camp.jpgCIMG4448 drops of rocks.jpgCIMG4670 rock with sand in center.jpgCIMG4694 a on j on rock close.jpgCIMG4949 white rocks and mountains.jpg

Ill be reporting on it somewhere soon.–check back here for details.
CIMG4479 2 cleaners with huge rock.jpg

Weve spent the last several days exploring Cairo–an awesome city that I never expected. it has more than twice the number of people as NYC. Its huge, dirty, crowded, crazy and a mix of old, new and everything inbetween.
CIMG5067 ice cream licker.jpgCIMG5144 city of dead and miniret.jpgCIMG5103 head balancer in traffic.jpgCIMG5227 horse in tunnell.jpgCIMG5246 mosque in distance on hill.jpgCIMG5252 cairo sunset.jpg

Oh yeah…we checked out those big triangular things too.
CIMG5312 peeking pyramid.jpgCIMG5330 2 pyramids and sun.jpg

Were now on our way to Aswan and the South…we promised those Morocco pics as well, and they will come..when weve got a little time to spare. It was fast and furious. those Moroccans really know how to hustle
CIMG4280 djemma cookers steam.jpg

See yall on the banks of the nile…
CIMG5353 two boats on nile.jpg