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Sarajevo my love…

Posted by Andrew in balkans, BOSNIA (December 19, 2007 at 1:42 am)

CIMG5695 a w dang ruin.jpg

For some reason, I was especially excited about going to Bosnia. I didn’t know much, but I knew they had a nasty war pretty recently.
CIMG0065 plane wreck at museum yrd.jpgCIMG0177 strt scape bulletholes.jpgCIMG5604 a w pocked bldg gorgeous.jpg

Well I was right about the war being nasty, and overall Bosnia didn’t disappoint. It was my favorite Balkan country for sure.
CIMG0026 graf at border.jpgCIMG0083 j w river.jpgCIMG0139 a w trolly windw.jpg

The recent war, and the ethnic and religious divisions were easier to understand than in Lebanon, but still very confusing. In Bosnia, “Muslim” is an ethnicity, not just a religion. And when Bosnian Serbs (who aren’t Serbians, just Serbs) are telling jokes about “Bosnians’, they really mean Muslims, not just any Bosnian. Those are just a couple of examples of how people divvy themselves up round here.
CIMG5696 stencil flag.jpgCIMG5660 dude w beret.jpg

Meanwhile, on the streets, the destruction is unescapable.(as is our friends Martinz, who we ran into for the third time so far on our trip) CIMG0270 a+j+martins.jpg
CIMG0080 destructn covrd w billbrd.jpgCIMG0050 library bridge men leaning.jpgCIMG0066 bullet pocked apt.jpgCIMG0076 phasod 2 bikes.jpgCIMG5805 house no roof.jpgCIMG5804 kid trike under pocks.jpgCIMG5803 left clean right pocks.jpgCIMG5796 shatrd glass corner w yellow.jpgCIMG5682 shatterd stone gaudi.jpgCIMG5672 bomb splat apt bldg.jpgCIMG5680 gaping hole stones.jpgCIMG5619 under recyc graf.jpgCIMG5658 partly destryd apt bldg.jpgCIMG5637 bombed out bldg.jpg

In Sarajevo, one of the most beautiful cities we’ve been in, the history is thick. CIMG5624 perfect for that.jpg This street corner is where World War I started, when the Duke Ferdinand was assassinated.
CIMG0152 ww1 gunfight.jpg

Sarajevans are proud that they have Churches, Mosques, and Synagogues all in the same neighborhoods. I’ve even found out by reading a new magazine that some feel that Sarajevo is the “Jerusalem of Europe”
CIMG5632 dome minaret view.jpgCIMG0221 old guys by mosque.jpgCIMG0089 pocks clothes hanging.jpgCIMG0036 dusk minaret slope.jpgCIMG0044 empty shops at night.jpgCIMG0043 nite city lights manaret.jpgCIMG0045 mosk minaret lites.jpgCIMG0054 man w pigeons.jpgCIMG0101 srjvo oes uphill.jpgCIMG0104 ladys chat in street.jpgCIMG0155 rainy street at dusk.jpgCIMG5683 empty window cyrillic writing.jpgCIMG5635 town square.jpgCIMG0092 washing windows1.jpg

Bosnia was also the furthest west that the Ottomans (~Turks) made it, so its the last place we saw Mosques as we headed West, and it’s a historical boundary between the two civilizations. And it’s the boundary between the Catholic and Orthodox branches of Christianity. Depending on how you see history, you could argue that it’s all gone down right here.
CIMG0072 eu-un billboard.jpgCIMG0188 j w graf.jpgCIMG0217 cool door.jpgCIMG0268 big cemetary nite time.jpg

We went to the town of Mostar, the ‘front line’ of the Serb invasion of the Muslim regions of Bosnia.
CIMG5795 street with big mountain behind.jpgCIMG5791 line of arches destroyed building.jpgCIMG5761 pocked wall blue sky.jpgCIMG5746 closeup bullet pocks.jpgCIMG5728 petty riverbank w mosk.jpgCIMG5690 a w bonbed ut bldg.jpgCIMG5688 corner scene folks + stencil flag.jpgCIMG0182 corner bldg shot up.jpgCIMG0229 elem school w bullet holes.jpgCIMG0222 bldgs on greenline yellow blcn.jpgCIMG0225 good corner shotup bldg.jpgCIMG0234 shatterd glass ofc bldg.jpgCIMG0235 3 awnings destroyed.jpg

This bridge(The Stari Most) is really famous—unfortunately, the real centuries-old one was destroyed in the war, but they rebuilt it almost exactly the same way, and super dare-devil guys have kept up the tradition of diving off the bridge for money that tourists give them.
CIMG0257 jumper just jumping.jpgCIMG0196 jumpers on top.jpgCIMG0201 jumper 1-3 down.jpgCIMG0203 jumper making bank.jpgCIMG5701 gorgeous bridge.jpgCIMG5738 souvenir strip.jpgCIMG0231 bridge labyrinth poster.jpg

The countryside was not so shot up, but rugged in its own way.
CIMG0027 farms bridge river.jpgCIMG0112 closeup man w cart.jpgCIMG0114 haystack.jpgCIMG0135 pretty fields houses.jpgCIMG0159 lil train station.jpgCIMG0163 mountain valley.jpg

Learning about how Sarajevans survived being trapped in their city for several years in the 90’s, CIMG5646 tunnel goes into grnd man behind.jpgCIMG5645 a emerges from tunnel.jpgCIMG0119 tunnel inside.jpgand then checking out the tunnel they built under the airport to gets supplies into the city from the neighboring hills, we were beginning to think that the Serbs (the guys who were the biggest villains of the war) were really horrible people.

But instead of just buying the rhetoric, we decided to check out the Serb region of Bosnia and spent a few days couchsurfing in Banja Luka.
CIMG0305 main street.jpg

Berengere was a great host; we didn’t get to hang out with her that much, but her friends made up for that more than 10-fold.
CIMG0297 a + bereng serious.jpg

One night roasting chestnuts and playing Balkan folks songs on guitar by the fire, another evening watching movies about squatters at a local activist center, we got to meet lots of interesting folks.
CIMG5869 sparks off roaster.jpgCIMG5865 a tends toasting.jpgCIMG5856 chtnt oven heats up.jpgCIMG0290 folks w fire.jpgCIMG0295 opa! hands up over fire.jpgCIMG0302 playign guitar.jpg

And couchsurfing also got us in touch with Gospodar, who showed us around town, and Tiho, who took us on a beautiful hike up in the hills. CIMG0308 tio finds mushroom.jpgCIMG0315 mural with view.jpg Special thanks to Drazen as well, who helped us a ton when we needed to mail a package home!
CIMG5885 big view w city.jpgCIMG5846 apartment building.jpgCIMG5842 wading fisherman.jpgCIMG5838 jn on slide.jpgCIMG5833 old men play chess.jpg

So what can we say about the “Bosnian Serbs”? Well, keeping in mind that most of the folks we hung out with were too young to have fought in the recent wars, they were really nice to us…but it also became clear through our conversations that things are still not cleared up 100%, and there are still bridges of understanding that must be established. One new Serb friend of ours wanted to marry a Muslim woman, but it just seemed too complicated so they turned their back on love—THAT’S NO GOOD!!!
CIMG5845 serb cs.jpgCIMG5790 playground w grf.jpgCIMG0236 fk the war graf1.jpgCIMG5622 stand grnd old town hz.jpg

Back to the here and now. As Navidad approaches,..we’ve got a plan—were movin to California!!! (SF bay area to be exact) I’m going to be working at Making Contact, a really great radio show based in Oakland. (I’m also looking for part time/freelance work, so anyone out there got some leads, holla).
CIMG0243 graf w cyclops.jpgCIMG0246 GRAF W SURFER DROGU.jpg

Bottom line—the adventure continues for a little while longer. Whether we are ready or not, another cross-country drive is upon us. The planned route: from Tampa, to Atlanta, New Orleans, then somewhere in Texas, El Paso/Las Cruces/White Sands National Park, San Diego, and arriving in SF bay on new Years Eve. We making it quick this time, less than 2 weeks overall.
CIMG0241 long graf.jpgCIMG5630 zwik bird graf.jpg

To all our friends, couchsurfing and otherwise: just wait a little longer…as soon as we have a place to live then the invitations are out. Cause when we stop, it’s your turn to start travelin’
CIMG5749 a chillin turk style.jpgCIMG5657 jap donated bus.jpg

And a little professional promotion—click here for a radio story I did on the Coalition of Immokalee Workers—a group of immigrant tomato pickers who are campaigning to get a pay raise from burger King. They are the folks who led the taco bell boycott a few years ago—and they won–they are no joke.

Aight yall, coming soon—Slovenia and the Red Hot Horse Burger!
CIMG5740 dont forget.jpg

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