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Jessica and Andrew’s travel journal

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Are we Greek yet?

Posted by Andrew in GREECE (October 10, 2007 at 2:02 pm)

CIMG9227 j with feta.jpgCIMG9076 grk flag w gull.jpg

We tried our hardest to assimilate—and we had lots of help in Greece. 4 cities—all couchsurfing with locals has given me a great appreciation for Greek hospitality. We had some of the best.

JESSICA SEZ: After spending months getting a LITTLE BIT used to the Arabic alphabet, and then breezing thru turkey where they at least use familiar letters – Greece comes along to kick you in the head like a mule.
CIMG5114 greek graf + window fan.jpg
Trying to read street signs and locate the ladies room – you almost wish you’d paid attention to those silly fraternities in college. Is this a menu or a physics test? Learning to sound out the greek letters became a favorite new game. We did passably well, and some of those letters will come back to help us when we hit kyrillic-kountry in the balkans later…
CIMG5119 oil museum sign.jpg

ANDREW RETURNZ: While most folks seem to spend a lot of time on the Greek islands, we only had time for 1—we took a boat from Turkey to the legendary isle of Lesvos…
CIMG9116 olive trees sloping down to sea.jpgCIMG9077 typical cafenieo w dudes.jpgCIMG9092 mytelene from castle walls.jpgCIMG9091 looking along castle walls.jpg

Our host Grigoris was a great guy, and just down the road, his friend Panagiotis is trying to keep alive the traditions of the kafeneio (café-NAY-yo).
CIMG5108 grig + cafeman.jpg
It’s a place to go drink coffee or liquor, and if you order ouzo, (of which they say the best is made in Lesvos) your get free food along with it. This guy takes it to the next level food-wise, and we ate some amazing greek specialties along with our ouzo.
CIMG5110 a + grig at cafe.jpg

Lesvos also is famous for its natural hot springs…
CIMG5128 a in hotspring.jpg

After an overnight ferry ride, we spent the mandatory day in Athens, checking out the acropolis and other nearby ancient ruins.
CIMG5144 j and a acropolis no shades.jpgCIMG9198 dirty ceiling detail.jpgCIMG9212 hercules from side1.jpgCIMG9218 acrop through arch.jpgCIMG9184 lady temple ladies.jpgCIMG9180 front porch from left.jpg

They were cool to be sure, but what makes the acropolis for me is its location. You can see it looming from all over the city. and from the top, you can see what a huge and sprawling modern city Athens is.
CIMG9175 mountain from acrop.jpgCIMG9166 huge athens city with temple.jpg

Lots of cool street art and graf in Athens as well..guess the creativity has lasted these thousands of years..
CIMG5179 dinner table art.jpgCIMG5180 king and queen art.jpgCIMG5181 jesus hope art.jpgCIMG5182 angel jungle art.jpg

No pictures of our host Anastasia, but heres a view from the balcony of her colorful apartment. Thank you, Mz A!

Next (and last scheduled) stop was Trikala, so we could check out the nearby rocky hilltop monasteries of Meteora. We spent a few hours hiking and hitching rides from one to the next of these things in a giant rock valley. I wish we’d had another day to keep exploring the area.
CIMG5189 saint and candle.jpgCIMG9280 pointy top rock.jpgCIMG9285 with our bulgarian heros.jpgCIMG9269 full meteora valley.jpgCIMG9272 nestled monastary.jpgCIMG9273 huge rock dwarfs monastary.jpgCIMG9265 churchtop with view.jpgCIMG9258 monastary on rock in line.jpgCIMG9253 huge rocks lil village1.jpgCIMG5197 orthodox church.jpgCIMG5206 lower monastary with mountains.jpg

I definetely would have liked to spend more time with Dimitri and Lena, our hilarious and talented (respectively) hosts.
CIMG5194 dimitri and lena.jpg
But we had to get to Albania, right?

Nooo!!! Not so fast…its election day in Greece. All the buses are full! and we cant get out of the country. At least we got to see lots of political posters, some of which were trying to capitalize on the recent fires. We also ran into a rally on the streets of Athens.
CIMG5176 communist poster.jpgCIMG5177 noose poster.jpgCIMG5190 polit poster1 mask.jpgCIMG5191 polit poster house.jpgCIMG5192 polit poster woman.jpgCIMG9231 smoke and fire.jpgCIMG9230 big rally banner.jpgCIMG9103 election poster noses tied.jpg

But where do we sleep? To the rescue came Aleksandra, who along with her incredibly generous parents (her mom is a great cook) took us in and showed us a bit of the beautiful lakeside village of Ioannina. efaristo! You guys are life savers!
CIMG9303 shes gotta huge zuchini.jpgCIMG9292 old street.jpgCIMG5225 j and a on checkered street.jpg

And on to the Balkans we go… (more next time)

CIMG5124 ans + thumbprint.jpgCIMG9293 j and noel.jpg

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