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mitigating sticker-shock in croatia

Posted by Andrew in EGYPT, CROATIA (November 16, 2007 at 4:28 pm)

CIMG5921 no ice cream cones.jpg
Lets get the hard part out of the way—Croatia was expensive! Especially at this late point in our trip, to see prices like Western Europe in the middle of the Balkans was an unexpected and difficult shock. So If you’ve been dreaming about the out of the way 2-dollar Croatian vacation, sorry you’ve already missed the boat, cause the days of post-communism are long gone round here…
CIMG5976 woman poster.jpg

But we are resilient, no? Por supuesto. With the help of some great couchsurfing hosts, Croatia comes alive. The best stop for sure was on the Dalmatian coast, CIMG5577 j with dalmatian.jpgwhere we stayed with Ljuba and her family in the town of Solin.
CIMG0019 us with ljuba mom and dog.jpgCIMG9992 ljubas tongue.jpg

Pomegranates off the tree for breakfast, a constant stream of Croatian porros, and an amazing once-a-year cultural event. In the nearby mountain town of Dugopolje, they were having their annual Klapa fest—Klapa is acoustic singing, sounds a bit like an American barber shop quartet, except there are 8, 10 or more people singing(either all men or all women)
CIMG5532 singers kids behind.jpgCIMG5552 singers under dugopolje.jpgCIMG9959 women singers screen.jpg

Click on these links below to listen to some Klapa—its good stuff.

The festival also featured some friendly non-musical competitions:
CIMG9948 start of tugowar.jpg

Possibly the best part was when the whole town gathered at a huge underground cave, where a Klapa group performed a short song. They sang really quietly so the cave wouldn’t collapse.
CIMG9933 stalagtites.jpg

And as luck would have it, Ljuba’s good friend was both a Klapa singer, and host of the before, midway and after parties.
CIMG9944 party deepblue dusk.jpgCIMG9916 mother shotglass.jpgCIMG9945 ljuba and xgirl.jpg

Ljuba also showed us around the beautiful and historic towns of Split and Trogir.
CIMG0001 tower at night.jpgCIMG0002 old church at night.jpgCIMG0004 commie projects.jpgCIMG0005 crack in old castle.jpgCIMG0014 old city boats water night.jpgCIMG9974 underground arches mountain.jpgCIMG9978 crumbled stone arch mountain.jpgCIMG9980 sunspekled j.jpgCIMG9984 ruins in field.jpg

And best of all, we got to ride in a Yugo!!
CIMG0022 yugo logo.jpg

Slightly less exciting was the Croatian capital of Zagreb. Staying at the home of Martina, a soft-spoken native of the city, we walked around a lot and experienced a couple of days just how I always imagined a classic eastern European capital: kind of rainy, kind of gray, old buildings with great details, and trolleys.
CIMG0318 stone frog.jpgCIMG5896 old lady on street.jpgCIMG5898 old pharmacy pub.jpgCIMG5901 man walks tram.jpgCIMG5914 nun walks with cane.jpgCIMG5926 orangeseller steeple.jpgCIMG5928 man cap umbrella.jpgCIMG5938 up cobbled street.jpgCIMG5952 roofs of zagreb.jpgCIMG5957 j and snakesqueeze statue.jpgCIMG5963 j up gardern steps.jpgCIMG5967 2 yellow buildings.jpgCIMG5969 curved old building tram.jpgCIMG5951 rockface corner.jpgCIMG5979 flat corner building.jpgCIMG5987 car and bike in rain.jpgCIMG5993 church at night.jpgCIMG6001 stone owls.jpg

JESSICA SEZ: We did NOT visit any of the famously beautiful croatian islands. But if you want to try that, I’d recommend finding a friend on

Okay, fans, that’s it for now. We are trying to catch up—Bosnia is next for all you keeping little pushpins on your wall map. In reality, we are now back in the states, recovering and trying to figure out if it was all a dream. If you are in Tampa or NYC, give us a holla–were chilling…
CIMG5909 a and statue lean on pole.jpg

I’ve also had a few stories published or on air.
Click here to see a Seattle Times article about our trip to the white desert.

Click here for a different story about the same trip; this one in Egypt Today Magazine.

And click here to listen to my first (semi)stateside radio report, about an Egyptian blogger who’s been in jail for the past year, and the movement to have him freed.
It features segments of an interview I did with a cartoonist we met in Egypt, so it still trip-related. Suerte, Kareem…

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