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Jessica and Andrew’s travel journal

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Mushrooms, Squat Blocks, and Alpine Cheese - Slovenia

Posted by Jessica in balkans, SLOVENIA (January 14, 2008 at 7:27 pm)

CIMG6022 pumpkinhead family.jpg

Slovenia - the last country before we re-enter Italy and complete the circle. And it is a beauty!
CIMG0326 j with flowers.jpgCIMG6002 jesus crumblin house.jpgCIMG6025 sunset over plains.jpg

First we go to Liboje (lee-bo-yay), to visit Andrew’s friend James. He’s been ‘hiding out’ in this teensy tiny town for a few years now.
CIMG6047 james looks stern.jpg

It is surrounded by mountains, green pastures, endless skies, and a few townsfolk. Very few. We took a gorgeous hike to a hilltop looking out over the valley.
CIMG6033 nice view from top.jpgCIMG6030 james in woods.jpgCIMG6044a eats growing mushroom.jpg

James turned out to be a GREAT cook, making home-made apple pie and an amazing mushroom soup from the fresh mushrooms his friend and neighbor had picked that day. I still dream about that soup…
CIMG6003 neighbor n mushrooms.jpgCIMG6004 james cookin.jpg

Liboje was a nice, chill spot to read James’ great books in front of a wood-burning stove, see nature, and eat fresh yummies. But after 2 nights, we were ready to see the ‘big city’ - the capital Ljubljana! (loo-blee-yana)
CIMG6052 city over greenhill.jpgCIMG6051 foggy warehouse across from Spelas.jpgCIMG6060 j laughs over city.jpgCIMG6066 shopping for bananas.jpg

We stayed with Spela, a real Ambassador. That means she spreads the word and facilitates couchsurfing. She had some great stories to tell about the program, and was a great host.
CIMG6102 spela smiles.jpg

Spela took us to Metelkova, a small compound of squat-land in the middle of the city. There is a youth hostel made from a converted prison(!), a few bars, lots of artist and activist space, and tons of ART!
CIMG6100 metelkova.jpg

Ljubljana offers some really pretty architecture, CIMG6074 j with dragon.jpgCIMG6082 river reflects trees.jpgand real horse burgers! To tell the truth, they tasted just like regular hamburgers. Yum! (Sorry, Mr Ed)
CIMG6078 a east horseburger smiles.jpg

Ljubljana also has lots of grafitti, something i was glad to see again after not much in the arab world(props to Athens and Bosnia as well for their graf)
CIMG6054 bench reader eye graf.jpgCIMG6070 put off your mask graf.jpgCIMG6087 bum with graf building.jpg

After the capital, we ventured forth into the Julian Alps region, to visit one of the most beautiful landscapes on earth: Bohinj (bo-heen).
CIMG6114 reflecting lake.jpg

Nestled in a spectacular valley, spotted with farmhouses and characteristic slovenian hayracks, and boasting a sparkling alpine lake, this place is takes your breath away.
CIMG6118 shack with mountains.jpgCIMG6119 water gorge.jpg

We rowed out onto the lake, CIMG6146 j rows looks back.jpgCIMG6164 a rows with splash.jpgand took a walk to the Cheesemaking Museum in a neighboring town. Then we bought home-made cheese from a farmer. GOOD STUFF!!
CIMG6135 j eats fresh cheese.jpg

I would have loved to stay in Bohinj all week, but time was a-wastin.
CIMG6160 j and a on long steps.jpgCIMG6175 ducks boat and dock.jpg

We had plane tix from Rome to London in a few days, so we must get moving on. I recommend BOHINJ and the other small towns in that valley to anyone looking for small-town, farmy, relaxing spot to soak up gorgeous nature (and cheese!).
CIMG6130 long hay hanger.jpgCIMG6181 woman looks at smoke train.jpg

We also did a good bit of hitchhiking around in the Bohinj area, and learned something about the law in Slovenia–its totally legal to hitchhike, but you must be holding a sign saying where you are going!(we found out the easy way, no po-po involved)
CIMG6133 some trees mountains moon.jpg

Happy new year to everyone out there. As we slowly try to complete this travel journal(for those that are confused, we were actually in Slovenia in October, but are just now digging through the pics and memories for your enjoyment).
As we speak now, we are settling in to our new life in Oakland, California. We rented a new place to live and will be moving in later this month. The bay area is pretty freeaash…

Believe it or not, we had to take ANOTHER cross-country drive to get here from Florida. Pics coming soon…

And as for the question–what do you do when you finish a year and a half long trip?? –you got to make some money!!!! Ive been trying to do that…here are some of the results:

Click here for a story about people in New Orleans fighting to keep thousands of public housing from being demolished.
Click here to read a story I wrote about our friends Qindeel and Maklouf, political cartoonists in Cairo.
And click here for a story I wrote about the Colaition of Immokalee Workers, and how Burger King may be trying to use anti-immigrant sentiment to keep them from getting a pay raise. Im excited, because its my first cover story in Creative Loafing.
I was also interviewed about the story on the Scott Farrell show, a talk radio show on a Tampa bay area radio station. You can listen to that by clicking here.**the interview starts about 9 minutes through teh first segment and continues through the 2nd segment. Just dont get mad that he gets my name wrong, i correct him eventually.

Now were off to enjoy some California sunshine…
CIMG6050 sunset.jpg

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