between the lands

Jessica and Andrew’s travel journal

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Mushrooms, Squat Blocks, and Alpine Cheese - Slovenia0

Posted by Jessica in balkans, SLOVENIA (January 14, 2008 at 7:27 pm)

CIMG6022 pumpkinhead family.jpg

Slovenia - the last country before we re-enter Italy and complete the circle. And it is a beauty!
CIMG0326 j with flowers.jpgCIMG6002 jesus crumblin house.jpgCIMG6025 sunset over plains.jpg

First we go to Liboje (lee-bo-yay), to visit Andrew’s friend James. He’s been ‘hiding out’ in this teensy tiny town for a few years now.
CIMG6047 james looks stern.jpg

It is surrounded by mountains, green pastures, endless skies, and a few townsfolk. Very few. We took a gorgeous hike to a hilltop looking out over the valley.
CIMG6033 nice view from top.jpgCIMG6030 james in woods.jpgCIMG6044a eats growing mushroom.jpg

James turned out to be a GREAT cook, making home-made apple pie and an amazing mushroom soup from the fresh mushrooms his friend and neighbor had picked that day. I still dream about that soup…
CIMG6003 neighbor n mushrooms.jpgCIMG6004 james cookin.jpg

Liboje was a nice, chill spot to (more…)

Sarajevo my love…0

Posted by Andrew in balkans, BOSNIA (December 19, 2007 at 1:42 am)

CIMG5695 a w dang ruin.jpg

For some reason, I was especially excited about going to Bosnia. I didn’t know much, but I knew they had a nasty war pretty recently.
CIMG0065 plane wreck at museum yrd.jpgCIMG0177 strt scape bulletholes.jpgCIMG5604 a w pocked bldg gorgeous.jpg

Well I was right about the war being nasty, and overall Bosnia didn’t disappoint. It was my favorite Balkan country for sure.
CIMG0026 graf at border.jpgCIMG0083 j w river.jpgCIMG0139 a w trolly windw.jpg

The recent war, and the ethnic and religious divisions were easier to understand than in Lebanon, but (more…)

mitigating sticker-shock in croatia0

Posted by Andrew in EGYPT, CROATIA (November 16, 2007 at 4:28 pm)

CIMG5921 no ice cream cones.jpg
Lets get the hard part out of the way—Croatia was expensive! Especially at this late point in our trip, to see prices like Western Europe in the middle of the Balkans was an unexpected and difficult shock. So If you’ve been dreaming about the out of the way 2-dollar Croatian vacation, sorry you’ve already missed the boat, cause the days of post-communism are long gone round here…
CIMG5976 woman poster.jpg

But we are resilient, no? Por supuesto. With the help of some great couchsurfing hosts, Croatia comes alive. The best stop for sure was on the Dalmatian coast, CIMG5577 j with dalmatian.jpgwhere we stayed with Ljuba and her family in the town of Solin.
CIMG0019 us with ljuba mom and dog.jpgCIMG9992 ljubas tongue.jpg

Pomegranates off the tree for breakfast, a constant stream of Croatian porros, and an amazing once-a-year cultural event. In the nearby mountain town of Dugopolje, they were having their annual Klapa fest—Klapa is acoustic singing, sounds a bit like an American barber shop quartet, except there are 8, 10 or more people singing(either all men or all women)
CIMG5532 singers kids behind.jpgCIMG5552 singers under dugopolje.jpgCIMG9959 women singers screen.jpg

Click on these links below to listen to some Klapa—its good stuff.

The festival also featured some friendly non-musical competitions:
CIMG9948 start of tugowar.jpg

Possibly the best part was when the whole town gathered at a huge underground cave, where a Klapa group performed a short song. They sang really quietly so the cave wouldn’t collapse.
CIMG9933 stalagtites.jpg

And as luck would have it, Ljuba’s good friend was both a Klapa singer, and host of the before, midway and after parties.
CIMG9944 party deepblue dusk.jpgCIMG9916 mother shotglass.jpgCIMG9945 ljuba and xgirl.jpg

Ljuba also showed us around the beautiful and historic towns of Split and Trogir.
CIMG0001 tower at night.jpgCIMG0002 old church at night.jpgCIMG0004 commie projects.jpgCIMG0005 crack in old castle.jpgCIMG0014 old city boats water night.jpgCIMG9974 underground arches mountain.jpgCIMG9978 crumbled stone arch mountain.jpgCIMG9980 sunspekled j.jpgCIMG9984 ruins in field.jpg

And best of all, we got to ride in a Yugo!!
CIMG0022 yugo logo.jpg

Slightly less exciting was the Croatian capital of Zagreb. Staying at the home of Martina, (more…)

The Land of Castles (and yummy fresh food)0

Posted by Jessica in ALBANIA, CROATIA, MONTENEGRO, MACEDONIA (October 22, 2007 at 5:19 pm)

CIMG9660 j rocky stairs to mountain.jpgCIMG5405 hilltop castle.jpg

Entering Albania from Greece was like going back to the middle east.
CIMG9519 womens head with sac1.jpgCIMG9361 dudes chilln on main street.jpg

Greece has shiny new busses, and Albania has run-down minivans that serve as shared taxis to get you around (and they are cheap!). While Greece was the culmination of a long return to the ‘western’ world’, Albania was more eastern feeling, and much less developed.
CIMG9311 stone rd to fortrss.jpgCIMG5409 some haystacks.jpgCIMG9645 guy in bike old street.jpgCIMG9530 line at library.jpg

First stop in ALBANIA is Berat, an old city with an inhabited hilltop fortress. You walk up a worn shiny marble-paved road to arrive at the ‘castle’ where there are whole neighborhoods living up there within the walls.
CIMG5306 man w sheep.jpgCIMG9325 castle lane arch door.jpgCIMG9314 kids run grparents watch.jpgCIMG9391 kid uphill w bike cobbles.jpgCIMG9383 throwing stones old man sunset.jpgCIMG9379 bridge w castle towers above.jpgCIMG9341 sunset w gold ruins.jpgCIMG9334 freestanding stone arch.jpg

We checked out another ‘typical Turkish house’ displaying ottoman-style home features and furnishings, CIMG9366 thousand windows.jpg
and damned if in the yard there weren’t a LIVE TURKEY!
CIMG5290 turkey guarding olive mill.jpg

For those young readers out there, and those who are geographically challanged, we are now traveling in the countries which used to be known as Yugoslavia.
CIMG5363 another unreadable sign.jpg

This means a few things: First of all, they used to be communist.
CIMG9596 commie couple art.jpgCIMG5369 a at cannon stoneface.jpg

Religion in this part of the world used to be either illegal or suppressed. So although we occasionally heard the call to prayer, (more…)