between the lands

Jessica and Andrew’s travel journal

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more on the burn2

Posted by Andrew in USA, nevada (September 7, 2006 at 10:30 pm)

as jessica said, there was way too much to see in Black Rock city to write about. Suffice it to say, the spirit of the community is alive, and its inspiring to know that so many people are down to chill, share and be creative for extended periods of time.

Here are some video clips. As per the media agreement, If anyone is in them and does not want these up on line, contact me and ill take them down.

click here to watch wednesdays latke madness

and click here to watch collage of several clips, including a robotic giraffe, the Serpent Mother fire dragon, some capoeria, and a mushroom cloud created with more than 250 gallons of gasoline.

It barely even scratches the surface of the thousands of amazing art pieces and people we saw and didnt see. i dont really like taking pictures at burning man, but im working on an article so i brought my camera along. maybe it will help convince somone that its not a drug fueled hippie rave.

meanwhile, we are in Pocatello, Idaho now. well be headed out tomorrow to the grand tetons, yellowstone, the badlands and a whole lot of corn fields before we emerge east of the mississippi some time next week…

also, for all you fans of this young journal–we just put up a belated post about our time in oklahoma city in mid-august. get used to it people..we do not live in linear times…

back to the “real” world0

Posted by Jessica in USA, nevada (September 6, 2006 at 3:10 pm)

wow. we just got back to civilization, and i finally understand why they call it Burning Man. i am FRIED.

there is just so much to KICK YOUR ASS out on the playa. from the 100+ daytime temps, to the nighttime chillies between 40-60 degrees. the 24-hour party you hear thumping in all directions around you. the freakin DUST from the earth that coats every surface of you body (in your hair, in yur mouth, in your food, in your tent, all over your clothes and bed…). hope you didn’t plan on ever getting clean for 7-10 days! it broke me down like a little girl, several times.

but the rewards, of course, are great. there’s amazing art everywhere you turn. some of it is on wheels and rolling passengers all over the open playa, or rolling down your “street” in front of your camp. have you ever seen 500 geodesic domes in one city before? there were workshops on everything from making your own clothes and hula hoops, to fire dancing, pole dancing, better sex with your partner, understanding the geology of the black rock desert, 12-step meetings at least 3 times a day, you name it!

i had no time for workshops though, i was overwhelmed just by walking around the villages. we rode a pedal-powered ferris wheel at dawn and were handed pancakes as we swung by the lowest spot. and of course, i saw the biggest FIRES i’ve ever seen. i’m sure it was visible from space when they burned down the 50′hx150′w dance club made of strewn 2×4’s. on wednesday afternoon we fed latkes to approximately 300 people. folks LOVE latkes.

much more to tell about burning man, but for now i just wanted to announce that we are back and we survived with not even a sunburn. it’s tough though, peoples.